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Portrait Pricing

Studio or on-location sessions are $200 per hour for my professional services. This includes my professional image editing I do after shooting. If I have to drive over 20 miles for the shoot, I will charge an additional $25 for each 20 miles driven. Because there is time involved to edit images in post processing your images that will be ready to print, all prices below and up to 8x10's are $30 if you want printing. If you want just pictures ready for you to print, the session price does not include a CD or DVD with Jpegs on it. If you want just a CD or DVD, see the Ala-Carte pricing (ex: 1 hour session and a CD will cost $300). If you are not getting prints, expect about a 1 week turnaround. If I am shipping the CD, you will have to pay for shipping. If printing is wanted, expect a week for post-processing and another 2 weeks for printing. The package pricing is where you can save some money (ex: 1 hour session plus package 3 is $625).

Print Ala-Carte Pricing is as follows

8 Wallets (same image)   $30

5x7                                       $30

8x10                                     $30

11x14                                    $50

16x20                                   $70

CD with all images            $200

Package Prices

Package One                      $200 ($40 Savings)                        Package Two                  $280 ($40 Savings)

8 Wallets (same image)                                                              8 Wallets (same image)

(6) 5x7's                                                                                         (6) 5x7's

(1)  8x10                                                                                         ( 2)  8x10's

                                                                                                        (1)  11x14

Package Three                   $525 ($65 savings)

8 Wallets (same image)

(6) 5x7's

(2) 8x10's

(1) 11x14

(1) 16x20

CD with all edited images

All printed images will be professionally edited and printed on Luster Finish paper. Other types of finish are available along with other packages. Please consult me about this. If there are any other needs or different packages you want, please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your needs. Just an example of things you can do:

- Fine Art Paper

- Fine Art Canvas

- Metal Prints

- Textures & Coatings

- Different Mountings & Frames

- Holiday Cards & Calendars

- Photographic Albums

- Magnets

Event Photography

Event photography is available for $200 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. If I have to drive over 20 miles for the shoot, I will charge an additional $25 for each 20 miles driven.


A minimum non-refundable $100 cash or check deposit (one week in advance for checks) is required prior to the photo shoot. The deposit may be larger depending on the size of the party.

I will send you a link of the pictures once done with a personal password to view them. Your pictures will remain online for 30 days for your review. Full and final payment is due at the time of your order placement.


I will notify you when the pictures/CD are ready. We will determine the best option for delivery. Any shipping required is an added fee.

Pricing of Pictures on Site

Click on Buy and you can purchase any pictures on the site. These photos are done at Bay Photo. If you don't know about Bay Photo, they are one of the largest printing suppliers around. I have tried many others, and even though they are a little pricey, they do the best work. You can check them out at

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